New England Trees – Hardy and Beautiful

New England would be unrecognizable without it’s beautiful landscape of trees that cover most of the territory.  As a strong staple of the scenery and landscape, many people come visit the area for just the trees, and also for the gorgeous colors and foliage during the fall months.  Some of the best trees that are hardy, low-maintenance and beautiful, we will make a list of.  These species of trees are highly recommended for gardeners looking to plant more trees on their property that will do well in this climate which can often have high temperatures in the summer and very low cold temps in the winter months.. not to mention occasional storms and strong winds that come in from the atlantic ocean. Surprisingly, there is a great variety of trees and shrubs to choose from that are worthwhile planting.  Here is a list of 5 of some of the best trees that are recommended by the Massachusetts Horticultural Society, and other tree experts that are excellent trees for your New England home and property.

1. The River Birch (or Fox Valley River Birch) – A reddish-brown color at first, it peels its bark to expose it’s lighter inner bark underneath. The leaves are diamond-shaped and bright green in the spring, turning to darker green in the summer, then during the fall, the foliage changes to a light yellow before falling.  It is a lively and quick-growing tree, thriving well in very wet soils but also survives in dryer soils. It is a shorter tree, but quite handsome.

2. Cornelian Cherry – A highly adaptable small tree or deciduous shrub, the Cornelian Cherry is pretty in every season. It produces in the spring many small clusters of bright yellow flowers along its bare branches that last for quite a few weeks.  Then it grows small bright red cherries, that are quite sour but edible (mainly used for syrups). It’s leaves are small and oval shaped, dark green then turn purple in the autumn before shedding.

3. Paperbark Maple – A desirable and lovely small tree, this Maple has bright bark that peels curly to show a gorgeous cinnamon-color bark underneath. This is a great tree, slow growing, but that can be enjoyed in every season, with fresh bright greens in the warm months and bright brilliant red as the weather cools.

4. Crabapple –  This is a large beautiful deciduous tree, that spreads widely and has gorgeous blossoms in the spring. Going from small pink bud blossoms, to large white flowering just as luscious dark green leaves start to unfold.  It also grows small red fruits that stay on the tree for quite a while. This tree is very resistant to disease, and is very hardy withstanding to all the New England seasons very well.

5. Kousa Dogwood – Another small tree that is interesting and beautiful in every season, with exceptional flowering in the spring like a smattering of snow little white flowers cover the tops of it’s branches, gorgeous greens in the summer months, and bright red colors in the fall.  It has a network of branches quite thick so it provides dense shade coverage as well.

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