When Trees Fall

It’s one of those things that you don’t really think much about until something major happens.. I’m talking about a tree toppling down!  Trees on our property often go unnoticed, just a staple part of our surroundings, giant structures that we become accustomed to seeing.. enjoying their shade and beauty without really thinking about what it would be like if it wasn’t there.  When a major storm hits, sometimes a tree that has withstood hundreds of storms suddenly comes down.  This could be due to the possibility that that one particular tree has recently had some form of infestation, weakened from the inside by disease, or other factors at play such as it drying up or bugs have weakened the core.  In any case, trees falling down can be a terrifying experience.  There’s the scare of having a tree fall on your property, damaging houses, cars, sheds, garages, roofing and other property that can cost thousands to repair and restore.  We found that getting our trees evaluated once every few years was a good investment that gave us peace of mind to ensure that any trees on our property were healthy and strong, and if they had weak, sickly or dead branches that might pose a threat to the tree, or a threat of falling, we had those trimmed back and removed.  We found a great local tree company in Haverhill that comes out once in awhile to do tree services for us, since we have a large property and a lot of trees to tend to.

Our neighbor a few houses down on our street had a massive pine tree fall in his yard last year, missed their house by a few feet.  It could have been much worse of course, but they found that the interior of the tree was hollow, eaten by ants and other creatures.  If this tree had been inspected they probably would have found the issue, and either advised to have it removed before falling.  With heavy snowfall as well, there’s the chance of large branches becoming weighed down and cracking, damaging fences and cars in the process.  Often times these types of situations are unavoidable, but in any case it’s always best to call for a professional to take care of any tree issues, rather than risking injury trying to do it yourself.