The most important thing to do before you get a tattoo is to look for the right artist and/or a studio. These things below indicate that you have chosen the right artist and you are in the right studio:

Tattoo Studio

1. An experienced tattoo artist can provide you with previous work samples.

Never hire a tattoo artist who can never produce his portfolio. An experienced tattoo artist means he have serviced too many people in the past. Therefore, while you are waiting in the studio, the tattoo artist should be able to provide you with a well-stuffed portfolio containing all his tattoo designs. A stock tattoos’ artistic display on the wall is certainly not enough to tell that the artist is really experienced or he has a good reputation.

2. An experienced tattoo artist uses disposable stuffs.

Everything that your tattoo artist uses should never be placed in its original container again. This includes water, ink and ointment. Oftentimes, these substances have already been in contact with the plasma in your blood. This kind of thriftiness will enable you to get and spread infectious diseases.

Try to observe if the artist’s inks are carefully handled since they must be placed in ink cups at all times. These tiny cups are actually used in holding just enough color, which is needed for your tattoo session. The ink that tattoo artists use should never be placed back to a jar or bottle for safety purposes, making it a vital thing to watch out for.

3. The Tattoo Artist Has an Autoclave Certificate

The autoclave device is referred to as an electric sterilization device, which looks like a steel pressure cooker. This device is used by medical professional in sterilizing medical equipment. To sterilize equipment, it must sit in the autoclave at 246 degrees temperature for about 30 minutes. In addition to that, just because the artist owns an Autoclave doesn’t mean that he is actually using it. You can actually ask your chosen tattoo artist if he has a recent autoclave certificate, which shows that the autoclave is tested in a regular manner and that it is used by the business operators.

4. The Tattoo Artist Should Use New Sterile Needles Only

Needles that are new and sterile are always removed from the pouch referred to as an autoclave bag. In addition to that, the needles of a tattoo artist should never be removed from this pouch right until your tattoo session is in progress. Every autoclave needle bag often boasts a tiny label stating a sterile confirmation label, together with the manufacturer’s name. If you don’t see this particular label on the needle bag or if the needles needed for your session are already sitting outside the pouch, then the tattoo artist might be reusing the same materials. You should also take note that the new needles to be used on your tattoo session should be bright silver in color. On the other hand, if the needles are brownish, appear stained, or dulled, stop the procedure immediately.