This past summer we went on a vacation to my wife’s family home in Massachusetts. It is a beautiful old tutor style house about 3000 ft.² and it sits on a big Lake about an hour and a half away from Boston. We had gathered there for a big family reunion and people flew in from all over the country to enjoy the woods, the Lake and have  some general relaxation time.

The house itself is large with many different areas to hang out it included multiple fireplaces outdoor patios and relaxation areas. The property itself has a tennis court and a large grass clearing is completely private as you have to drive down the narrow road with no other houses around just to get there. Once in the house the view of the lake a spectacular as the house itself is about 100 feet up from the lake on the hill and while partially well the view is partially obstructed due to the trees from the second floor of the house there’s amazing vistas the lake which feels like an ocean do with size. We spent many sunny afternoons hanging out on the second floor balcony which was tucked in between both sides of the roof. The house has an older roof which due to being in a damn force that area has accumulated a lot of growth over the years. Specifically on the north side of the house the roof was full of moss and lichen In a lot of green growth. While in some ways it can seem charming for a country cottage to be covered in moss my experience in construction told me but this was actually a blight and a negative experience for the roof to have to deal with as eventually it would break the shingles apart. I decided I might need some professional help for this as the roof is three stories high and it would be a bit dangerous for me to climb climb up and clean them. I ended up contacting a local roof cleaning guy for their de-mossing service and they did a great job, the roof looks brand new.