When Trees Fall

When Trees Fall

It’s one of those things that you don’t really think much about until something major happens.. I’m talking about a tree toppling down!  Trees on our property often go unnoticed, just a staple part of our surroundings, giant structures that we become accustomed to seeing.. enjoying their shade and beauty without really thinking about what it would be like if it wasn’t there.  When a major storm hits, sometimes a tree that has withstood hundreds of storms suddenly comes down.  This could be due to the possibility that that one particular tree has recently had some form of infestation, weakened from the inside by disease, or other factors at play such as it drying up or bugs have weakened the core.  In any case, trees falling down can be a terrifying experience.  There’s the scare of having a tree fall on your property, damaging houses, cars, sheds, garages, roofing and other property that can cost thousands to repair and restore.  We found that getting our trees evaluated once every few years was a good investment that gave us peace of mind to ensure that any trees on our property were healthy and strong, and if they had weak, sickly or dead branches that might pose a threat to the tree, or a threat of falling, we had those trimmed back and removed.  We found a great local tree company in Haverhill that comes out once in awhile to do tree services for us, since we have a large property and a lot of trees to tend to.

Our neighbor a few houses down on our street had a massive pine tree fall in his yard last year, missed their house by a few feet.  It could have been much worse of course, but they found that the interior of the tree was hollow, eaten by ants and other creatures.  If this tree had been inspected they probably would have found the issue, and either advised to have it removed before falling.  With heavy snowfall as well, there’s the chance of large branches becoming weighed down and cracking, damaging fences and cars in the process.  Often times these types of situations are unavoidable, but in any case it’s always best to call for a professional to take care of any tree issues, rather than risking injury trying to do it yourself.

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Cleaning up our lake house

This past summer we went on a vacation to my wife’s family home in Massachusetts. It is a beautiful old tutor style house about 3000 ft.² and it sits on a big Lake about an hour and a half away from Boston. We had gathered there for a big family reunion and people flew in from all over the country to enjoy the woods, the Lake and have  some general relaxation time.

The house itself is large with many different areas to hang out it included multiple fireplaces outdoor patios and relaxation areas. The property itself has a tennis court and a large grass clearing is completely private as you have to drive down the narrow road with no other houses around just to get there. Once in the house the view of the lake a spectacular as the house itself is about 100 feet up from the lake on the hill and while partially well the view is partially obstructed due to the trees from the second floor of the house there’s amazing vistas the lake which feels like an ocean do with size. We spent many sunny afternoons hanging out on the second floor balcony which was tucked in between both sides of the roof. The house has an older roof which due to being in a damn force that area has accumulated a lot of growth over the years. Specifically on the north side of the house the roof was full of moss and lichen In a lot of green growth. While in some ways it can seem charming for a country cottage to be covered in moss my experience in construction told me but this was actually a blight and a negative experience for the roof to have to deal with as eventually it would break the shingles apart. I decided I might need some professional help for this as the roof is three stories high and it would be a bit dangerous for me to climb climb up and clean them. I ended up contacting a local roof cleaning guy for their de-mossing service and they did a great job, the roof looks brand new.

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New England Trees – Hardy and Beautiful

New England Trees – Hardy and Beautiful

New England would be unrecognizable without it’s beautiful landscape of trees that cover most of the territory.  As a strong staple of the scenery and landscape, many people come visit the area for just the trees, and also for the gorgeous colors and foliage during the fall months.  Some of the best trees that are hardy, low-maintenance and beautiful, we will make a list of.  These species of trees are highly recommended for gardeners looking to plant more trees on their property that will do well in this climate which can often have high temperatures in the summer and very low cold temps in the winter months.. not to mention occasional storms and strong winds that come in from the atlantic ocean. Surprisingly, there is a great variety of trees and shrubs to choose from that are worthwhile planting.  Here is a list of 5 of some of the best trees that are recommended by the Massachusetts Horticultural Society, and other tree experts that are excellent trees for your New England home and property.

1. The River Birch (or Fox Valley River Birch) – A reddish-brown color at first, it peels its bark to expose it’s lighter inner bark underneath. The leaves are diamond-shaped and bright green in the spring, turning to darker green in the summer, then during the fall, the foliage changes to a light yellow before falling.  It is a lively and quick-growing tree, thriving well in very wet soils but also survives in dryer soils. It is a shorter tree, but quite handsome.

2. Cornelian Cherry – A highly adaptable small tree or deciduous shrub, the Cornelian Cherry is pretty in every season. It produces in the spring many small clusters of bright yellow flowers along its bare branches that last for quite a few weeks.  Then it grows small bright red cherries, that are quite sour but edible (mainly used for syrups). It’s leaves are small and oval shaped, dark green then turn purple in the autumn before shedding.

3. Paperbark Maple – A desirable and lovely small tree, this Maple has bright bark that peels curly to show a gorgeous cinnamon-color bark underneath. This is a great tree, slow growing, but that can be enjoyed in every season, with fresh bright greens in the warm months and bright brilliant red as the weather cools.

4. Crabapple –  This is a large beautiful deciduous tree, that spreads widely and has gorgeous blossoms in the spring. Going from small pink bud blossoms, to large white flowering just as luscious dark green leaves start to unfold.  It also grows small red fruits that stay on the tree for quite a while. This tree is very resistant to disease, and is very hardy withstanding to all the New England seasons very well.

5. Kousa Dogwood – Another small tree that is interesting and beautiful in every season, with exceptional flowering in the spring like a smattering of snow little white flowers cover the tops of it’s branches, gorgeous greens in the summer months, and bright red colors in the fall.  It has a network of branches quite thick so it provides dense shade coverage as well.

Sponsored by Tree Service Framingham

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How You Should Care for Your New Tattoo

Caring for your tattoo begins even before you start the session. Your chosen tattoo artist must have sterilized all his needed equipment and he should be wearing disposable gloves prior to starting the process. If the tattoo artist is not practicing these safety precautions, insist that he should or you can find another artist who takes these practices into action. In this article, you will learn some steps on how to care for your new tattoo.


1. Few days after you get tattooed, your skin needs proper care. Make sure that you keep it covered during this time. If your tattoo design is small enough and it is placed in a location that can permit it, your tattoo artist might recommend you a bandage during the first 2 days. If it’s large and in a location where placing a bandage is not quite possible, your tattoo artist may suggest to wrap the tattooed area with a plastic wrapping. This is because your tattoo can stick to sheets or clothing, making it very painful to remove. In addition to that, you should also remember that during the first twelve to twenty four hours, some of the ink might seep out and it can stain your sheets or clothes.

2. Change the plastic wrap or bandage of your tattoo at least once or twice per day for the first two days. Aside from that, your tattoo artist will give you more specific instructions regarding with how long you should cover your tattoo.

3. Once you finally removed the plastic wrap or bandage, you must keep your tattooed area clean at all times. It is because this area may probably still be tender and sore, which is why it’s very important that you are extra gentle when you attempt to clean it off. You might also notice some dried blood and ink around your tattoo and it’s completely normal so you do not have to panic at all. In addition to that, you must make sure that your hands are clean prior to touching your tattoo or washing it. You can use warm water and a gentle soap for the tattooed area of your body. If you are showering, you should also make sure that the water is not yet too hot at first. If this is the case, you can slowly turn the temperature of the water up in order to help you open pores as well as clean the dried ink and blood. You can allow your tattoo to air dry or pat dry it.

4. You should also wait at least twenty hours before you put a moisturizer or ointment for tattoos on your new body art. Some tattoo artists can recommend you the best ointment or moisturizer for tattoos so make sure that the tattoo artist you choose have the knowledge about these products. Like for example, they know that if you use a skin moisturizer, you should make sure that it doesn’t contain aloe, perfume-free, and does not contain any other chemical additives.

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Importance of Replacing a Damaged Windshield

When your vehicle has a cracked or chipped windshield, it is not only an unsightly blemish as it can also be a big safety problem. Whenever you drive around with a cracked or chipped windshield, you will not only risk your life, but you will also risk the lives of your passengers as well as other people on the road.

Damaged Windshield

The windshield of your vehicle does not only protect your from the wind and rain but it’s also a major part of your vehicle as it upholds the structural integrity of it. In order to make sure that you as well as other people inside your vehicle are completely protected, you should ensure that your damaged windshield is replaced efficiently and effectively by a qualified professional. In this article, you will learn why it is important that you have the windshield of your vehicle replaced by a qualified and professional windshield replacement expert.

1. Windshield protects you from debris

The windshield of your vehicle protects you as well as your passengers from any debris that you encounter on the road. Some of them are trash, cigarette butts, rocks, and even those empty food packets being thrown away from other vehicles. On the other hand, if you decide to have your damage windshield replaced by a qualified professional, you will certainly be doing a great job since you are now able to protect yourself and your passengers from any debris on the road.

2. A windshield in good condition enables you to have a clearer view of the road

The windshield of your car gives you a clear view of the road. This is very important since it allows you to direct your vehicle in the right way. On the other hand, a chipped or cracked windshield will only become a distraction to your driving since it cannot let you have a clearer vision of your way. This in turn, will make it extremely difficult to see the obstacles, the ongoing traffic and the pedestrians.

3. To uphold integrity of important car safety components

Vehicles are engineered to make sure that people can travel from one place to another. The road is actually filled with other car users therefore vehicles are built with safety components like airbags in order to protect the driver as well as the passengers in case any accident occurs. When the windshield of your vehicle is chipped or cracked, it can damage the factor seal, which protects your vehicle against leakage and climate. Because of this, it might affect the integrity of your car roof or might hinder your vehicle’s ability to deploy airbags. This is the reason why it is best to have the windshield of your vehicle replaced by professional and expert windshield replacement service provider.

4. Keeping up with the law

Driving around with a chipped or cracked windshield will certainly get you into trouble with your state’s law. Police officers keep watch on the road and they often watch out for individuals who are constantly breaking the law. When you have a chipped or broken windshield, the tendency is that the police officers will give you a ticket, requiring you to pay for a fine.

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4 Things to Prove You Are in the Right Tattoo Studio

The most important thing to do before you get a tattoo is to look for the right artist and/or a studio. These things below indicate that you have chosen the right artist and you are in the right studio:

Tattoo Studio

1. An experienced tattoo artist can provide you with previous work samples.

Never hire a tattoo artist who can never produce his portfolio. An experienced tattoo artist means he have serviced too many people in the past. Therefore, while you are waiting in the studio, the tattoo artist should be able to provide you with a well-stuffed portfolio containing all his tattoo designs. A stock tattoos’ artistic display on the wall is certainly not enough to tell that the artist is really experienced or he has a good reputation.

2. An experienced tattoo artist uses disposable stuffs.

Everything that your tattoo artist uses should never be placed in its original container again. This includes water, ink and ointment. Oftentimes, these substances have already been in contact with the plasma in your blood. This kind of thriftiness will enable you to get and spread infectious diseases.

Try to observe if the artist’s inks are carefully handled since they must be placed in ink cups at all times. These tiny cups are actually used in holding just enough color, which is needed for your tattoo session. The ink that tattoo artists use should never be placed back to a jar or bottle for safety purposes, making it a vital thing to watch out for.

3. The Tattoo Artist Has an Autoclave Certificate

The autoclave device is referred to as an electric sterilization device, which looks like a steel pressure cooker. This device is used by medical professional in sterilizing medical equipment. To sterilize equipment, it must sit in the autoclave at 246 degrees temperature for about 30 minutes. In addition to that, just because the artist owns an Autoclave doesn’t mean that he is actually using it. You can actually ask your chosen tattoo artist if he has a recent autoclave certificate, which shows that the autoclave is tested in a regular manner and that it is used by the business operators.

4. The Tattoo Artist Should Use New Sterile Needles Only

Needles that are new and sterile are always removed from the pouch referred to as an autoclave bag. In addition to that, the needles of a tattoo artist should never be removed from this pouch right until your tattoo session is in progress. Every autoclave needle bag often boasts a tiny label stating a sterile confirmation label, together with the manufacturer’s name. If you don’t see this particular label on the needle bag or if the needles needed for your session are already sitting outside the pouch, then the tattoo artist might be reusing the same materials. You should also take note that the new needles to be used on your tattoo session should be bright silver in color. On the other hand, if the needles are brownish, appear stained, or dulled, stop the procedure immediately.

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